What is your current turnaround time?

Our current estimated turnaround time for slide machining only is 7-10 days. The turnaround for sliding machining orders including re-finishing is 4-6 weeks total.

What is the process to get my slide machined?

Start by choosing and adding to the shopping cart all work you would like performed. Once added to the shopping cart you can complete the check out to place your order. Once your order is placed you will receive a confirmation email with shipping instructions on how to ship us your slide. Those instructions can also be viewed on Shipping Info Page. Once we receive your slide we will send you an email confirming we have received it here. At that time we will begin the customization process. Once complete we will ship your slide directly back to you and email tracking information for the shipment.

Do I need to send in my optic?

For all optic makes and models except the Holosun 509T and 509-RD-ACSS the answer is no. However, if you are having us re-finish your slide and would like us to install the optic for then you can include the optic along with the slide when sending it in.

Can you re-finish just the optic cut area?

We only offer re-finishing for the entire stripped slide. You can however choose to have us perform the machining only. If you choose machining only with no re-finishing the area machined will be left bare steel and the existing finish will remain on the rest of the slide. The bare steel area will be subject to rust so it is highly advised you arrange re-finishing from another vendor when you receive your slide back.

Will you install my optic and iron sights?

Whether you purchase your optic and iron sights from Battle Werx or just send them in along with your slide we will install them for you at no additional charge as long as you are having us re-finish your slide. We will not install an optic or iron sights onto a bare steel unfinished optic cut or dovetail. Iron sights provided by the customer that are to large and would hang over into the optic cut will not be installed and will be return to the customer un-installed along with the completed order.

Is dis-assembly/assembly included?

Just remove your slide from the frame. Next remove the barrel and guide rod assembly before shipping in your slide only. We will take care of the remaining dis-assembly and re-assembly after your slide has been machined and/or re-finished.