Trijicon RMR Cut machining for Glock slides with optional cover plate and sealing plate

Trijicon RMR Cut (Glock)

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  • Product Description

    • Trijicon RMR Cut Machining Service for Customer Supplied Glock slides
    • Utilizes (2) 4-40 x 3/8" screws (Includes 2 Sets)
    • Includes Optic Mounting Kit: Mounting screws, Allen key, & Thread locker
    • Complete Re-assembly and Iron Sight Installation Included for All Orders 
    • New Striker Channel Liner for All Orders Including Re-finishing
    Additional Info:
    • Allows for mounting any Trijicon RMR model (Type 1 & Type 2) directly to your Glock slide 
    • Reduced mounted height versus dovetail plates/brackets
    • Integral indexing posts maintain zero when dismounting/mounting
    • Sight cut matches RMR footprint exactly


    Iron Sight Co-Witness Height Info
    Ameriglo .315" Front/.394" Rear Lower 1/3 Co-witness
    Ameriglo .407" Front/.500" Rear Absolute Co-witness
    Trijicon Suppressor Sights Lower 1/3 Co-witness


    Do I need to send my RMR in with the slide?  No, we do not need your optic for fitting. The Integral Indexing Posts and our CNC machining process make it unnecessary.  

    Will you install my sights/suppressor sights if I send them in with my slide? Yes, iron sight installation is included for all slides if needed. Just choose the appropriate option in the Iron Sight Installation drop down menu.

    Note: Heine Glock MOS Ledge Straight Eight Night Sights are not compatible with our Glock RMR Cut.

    Why doesn't your RMR cut include front index pins? Our RMR cut incorporates integral index posts around the mounting screw holes allowing for several improvements to the standard RMR cut offered from other firearm builders. Our design increases strength, provides greater indexing surface area, and allows for a deeper RMR cut moving your optic closer to the firearms bore. They also accommodate deeper mounting screw holes with a greater number of threads securing your RMR to the slide, all while not having to machine through into the depressor plunger channel. Ultimately, the Battle Werx RMR cut is stronger, more precise, and more functional.

     View our Shipping Instructions for sending in your Slide/Parts 

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    1. Much more than a simple milling job

      I have had my Glock 19 for over 5 months. I had an opticut for a trijicon rmr, black nitrite coating and sights. The mounting posts are incredible. They alow the sight to be set a little lower and are extremely secure. The black nitrite coating has no wear after 5 months. Great costumer service! on 9th Mar 2018

    2. Great work and customer service

      My Glock 19 looks amazing. Outstanding machine work and slide cut for the Trijicon RMR. Very precise 45 degree slide corner chamfers. Great customer service and were very helpful. I highly recommend Battle Werx for their precision and quality work. on 14th Dec 2017

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